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What we do
Westmead Pharmacy Singapore Pte Ltd is a technology-based solutions company for the pharmaceutical industry. We develop start-to-finish fulfillment solutions that enable companies to provide international customers with accurate and on time fulfillment of over-the-counter drugs and prescription medicines door-to-door, anywhere in the world.

We manage both B2B and B2C orders. Every day, we fulfill and deliver individual orders to customers all over the world from Singapore. Orders are processed within 24 hours and delivered to customers’ doorstep within 5 to 12 working days, depending on the destination

With Westmead, clients have access to a full-fledged pharmacy without the high cost of maintaining perishable inventory. We source, procure, store and deliver a wide range of branded and generic medicines by leading pharmaceutical companies.
Who we are
Westmead was established in 2009 and is a registered pharmacy in Singapore. The company was set up to meet the demands of B2C companies in the pharmaceutical industry for an effective back-end solution that ensures customers have convenient access to safe drugs and medicines from reputable sources.

Our experience and knowledge of the healthcare and logistics industries have given us a deep appreciation of clients’ business, especially the special needs of small and medium sized companies. We understand that unlike bigger companies, SMEs are often constrained by limited resources that could pose as barriers to growth and expansion.

This is why we focus our efforts in developing effective solutions so that you can turn your attention to what matters most – growing your business. Among the solutions we offer is our proprietary inventory management system to help prevent unnecessary stock-outs from happening as this could result in loss of business opportunities. Another value-added service is our statistics management system which churns out useful data for companies to review and analyze when putting together their business strategy.